Kosmos IMAX opening

Since the cinema market is fairly saturated, a large-scale, visible and special PR project needed to be carried out to ensure the cinema Kosmos IMAX a secure place in the Estonian cinema theatre scene.

The goal was to cultivate a reputation for Kosmos IMAX as a desirable cinema theatre space in which to spend one’s free time. Given the extent and tone of the media coverage, the project can be considered very successful.

Articles were explanatory and extensive; these helped develop the legend of the dignity of the cinema building and highlighted the uniqueness and innovation of IMAX technology. All this was essential in order to excel in a competitive cinema market, and to bring in Kosmos IMAX fans despite the higher price of movie tickets. The first month of operations showed that the public regards the theatre as attractive and that the number of visitors to the cinema was more han expected (January- 24, 000). In addition to cinema visits, the building is proving an attractive place for the organisation of events, generating significant additional income and also receiving much additional positive post-opening media coverage. Not to mention personal relationships, emotions and contacts.

The Kosmos IMAX opening gala was distinctive from other media events due to the interior design created by an artist, who created a cosmic atmosphere which was undeniably recognisable in the gossip & celebrity news media, creating much chatter. The presentation of the opening gala was a mix of TV solutions and presentations – meaning the filmed solution transitioned smoothly into a live on-site presentation.

Work conducted and presented in cooperation with  PR-conceptHype üritusturundusagentuur, Paprika Latino Stuudio, Identity.

Number of media mentions: ca 180, contacts: approx. 3.8 million Overview of media coverage and statistics:


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